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Below You Will Find Our

Covid-19 Policies and Practices

Important Information regarding Covid-19 Policies and Practices

Dear Guest

To minimise contact between our guests and housekeeping staff we are unable to service your room during your stay

Change of Towels

If you would like to have your towels changed you must place your Towels into the laundry bag provided and place it outside your door before you leave in the morning. You will find a bag with fresh towels hanging on your door upon your return.


We will not be able to empty your bin. Please place your rubbish outside your door in the sealed bag and we will collect it for you. You will find spare bin liners in the top drawers of your desk. For any additional bin liners please contact reception

Tea, Coffees, Milk, Biscuits

If you require any extra Tea, Coffee, Milk and Biscuits during your stay please contact reception

Trays and Glasses

Please place all room service trays and glasses outside your door to be collected by our staff


Please leave windows open as much as possible to aerate your room. On the Day of your departure, you MUST leave your window open as housekeeping is not permitted to enter the room on the day of your departure.

Covid-19 Symptoms Procedure

In the unfortunate event that you fall ill during your stay with symptoms of Covid 19 , DO NOT leave your room, please contact Reception and we will assist you.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this period of uncertainty, I hope you have a great stay with us.

Kindest regards

Richard Matthews

Hotel Director