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Holiday Lodge Investment

Holiday Lodge Investment Scheme

We can maximise your earning potential and care for your holiday home investment.

Not only may you earn ROI between 6%-8%, but you still have the flexibility and freedom to use your lodge as you please. Subletting through Brackenborough Lakes Resort couldn’t be easier.

For further information about our holiday lodge investments in Louth, Lincolnshire, please contact us on 01507 609 169.

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Investment You Can Enjoy

Brackenborough Lakes Resorts wants to help holiday lodge owners make the most of their ownership. Therefore, our sublet scheme helps you cover your annual costs and maximises the occupancy and revenue of your lodge. With short-term holiday lets in high demand, we will take care of the entire process, so you don’t have to worry.

At Brackenborough Lakes Resort, our team will advertise your holiday home for you, removing any hassle. Furthermore, we monitor demand and analyse booking trends to increase occupancy and lodge revenue. Alongside this, we provide full booking management and marketing on 3rd party partnerships such as Booking.com.

Our dedicated sublet team will look after your lodge and guests during their stay, with a 24-hour service. Additionally, we always ensure your holiday home is in pristine condition throughout your sublet.

We will do everything, so you relax. ROI as much as 8%.

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Return on Investment

Your earnings will reflect the amount of time you use your holiday home and the time of year you let it out. Peak times will bring the best return on investment. You could earn up to £15,960 annually.

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    Our Testimonials

    Looking for investment opportunities we became aware of the Brackenborough Lakes Resort and the opportunity to own holiday lodges there. At an open day they held we were made to feel very welcome by a team of pleasant and professional staff who answered all our questions competently and without hesitation.
    We went on to purchase two lodges which are now run wholly by the accommodation staff on our behalf.
    Along with a financial return on our investment we also receive hotel facility discounts and have become part of the ‘Brackenborough family’ who are so friendly and easy to deal with.

    Jill9 November 2022

    During our September stay my wife was invited to a ‘lodge open day’…I had no intention of buying…There is no high pressure sales pushiness, just a straight forward explanation of how lodge ownership works and a description of the future layout of the resort…I had decided I would buy one…Within minutes we bought an existing three bed unit!

    The Brackenborough looks after your investment while your money works for you.

    Dave11 November 2022

    Contact Brackenborough Lakes Resort

    For more information about our holiday lodge investment scheme in Lincolnshire, please contact Brackenborough Lakes Resort. Call us today on 01507 609 169. Alternatively, you can enquire via our contact form.

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